Language Exchange (Tandem)

Language exchange or Tandem, by way of example, involves two native language speakers, who will have a conversation in one speaker's native language and then in the other one's.

Let's say you are a native English speaker who is learning Chinese and your friend is a native Chinese speaker who is learning English. You meet and have a conversation in Chinese during half an hour, after that you have another conversation in English for another half hour. Both of you get to practice the language you learn.

Lexxing helps you to find people for language exchange, in person and online:

You can find people using lexxing's user locator. If you find someone near you, you can meet for language exchange in person.

If you can't meet in person, you can still do online language exchange using lexxing's chat.

To meet someone and build a friendship is as easy as visiting a member profile online. Any language you are interested in, the lexxing network helps you to find the match that fits you best.

Lexxing is completely free of charge. As a member you can use all functions without restraints, after you register there are no hidden costs or surprises.